Heartbeat - Elizabeth Scott
Heartbeat is a novel that deals with grief.

I can’t imagine going through everything that Emma is going through. She has so much hate and anger that she needs to talk to someone but refuses to. I don’t like that she was so mean to her stepfather, but I can understand it. I’ve lost people that were very important to me, but not as a teen so I don’t know if I would have acted the same or not.

There isn’t any action, or anything like that, in this book. Heartbeat takes you on a journey with Emma to try to handle feelings toward her stepfather, the baby, and the death of her mother. I didn’t like that there was a love interest. It felt like it was forced. They didn’t know much about each other, but had strong feelings toward the other. I love that Emma has a best friend that has stuck with her through everything. I think all people, not just teens, need a friend like Olivia.

It was hard getting into a teen perspective for this read. Things that I wouldn’t do seem crazy coming from Emma. But again, I haven’t lost anyone in my teen years, so I can’t say that I wouldn’t have reacted the same way.