Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira
Love Letters to the Dead for me was okay. I didn’t love it, or hate it. It was just middle of the road for me.

Laurel is a girl having to deal with death. After she’s given the assignment to write a letter to a dead person she feels comfortable sharing her thoughts. I was glad that she was able to deal with her feelings that way. I didn’t care for all the information they gave about the recipient’s life. Those should have been written in a way that made the reader want to learn more about them.

I think the thing that got me was that the relationships felt forced, and awkward. I’m glad she found the friends she did, but I didn’t care for her doing things she wasn’t comfortable with to impress them. I also liked the side characters much more. They had more depth, and faced their problems as best they could.

While I didn’t love this book, I think others would enjoy it. I liked the influential people that Laurel wrote to, and how they made her feel safe.