Nil - Lynne Matson
Nil is already in the ranking for one of my best reads of the year. I loved every bit of it. The characters, and settings, were described perfectly. I always know that a book is staying with me if I have any dreams about it, and I definitely did with this one.

Thad and Charley are awesome characters. They both seem to have a level head, well as level as you can have being stuck on Nil. They care for other people, and always put others before them. Charley is transfixed on figuring out the reason they are stuck on Nil. Thad is just trying to not let the island win.

Not only are the main characters great, but the secondary ones are also. They all add to the story, and lives of Thad and Charley. Each person has a connection with both main characters. Rives is probably my favorite, he’s just so chill and laid back.

The island is really creepy. You get a theory about why it exists, but you never really know. The whole feel I got for the book was Survivor meets Lost. There are so many pieces of Nil that we will never understand. Nil is a story about survival, and a lot about trust also. You’re thrown on this place with other people that you have no idea what they are capable of. I couldn’t imagine trying to escape in less than a year. The odds are overwhelming when you have no clue how to time things.

I seriously hope we get another book, or novella, about some of the other characters. I would love to know how they are faring.