Stakeout - Nikki Jefford
Noel’s story is heartbreaking. She’s had a tough life, and seems to come out on top most of time.

We see Noel as a shy girl, but she’s so much more. This follows the timeline of Northern Bites. We get a look at what Dante and Noel are doing on their mission to Fairbanks. She doesn’t agree with Dante’s excitement to kill vampires no matter how they behave. She lives in a world of getting along with vampires. It’s difficult to see them all as evil.

I loved seeing how Fane is a loyal friend. He is willing to help out those close to them. We also get a look at what really happened between Noel and Fane that tragic night at Marcus’s. I’m a big fan of Noel, and hope things turn out great for her in the future.