Bad Blood - Nikki Jefford
Sweet freaking gravy! I couldn’t get enough of Aurora in this installment.

I love how Aurora grows throughout the series. She’s learning more about herself, and the people surrounding her. I was a hardcore Dante fan, but after reading Bad Blood, I think I’m a bigger fan of Fane. Because…… reasons! I also want to know that I still don’t care for Valerie. She drives me freaking crazy with being such a bitch about everything! And talk about a complete turn around with Noel. Daaaannnng. I don’t care about the drama between her and Aurora. I still adore her.

There isn’t as much action in Bad Blood, but we find out some very interesting things. Puzzle pieces are finally starting to fit together, and some of my suspicions were kind of answered. So many revelations. I also love that Aurora finds those she can trust, and those she can’t.

I’m going to end this with, I think we need a short story about Dante during this time period…. Because I want to know how he’s dealing with everything.