In Too Deep - Eliza Jane
In Too Deep is a book about attraction, and how sometimes no matter how hard you fight it you just have to give in. Eliza Jane does a good job of creating two characters that are complete opposites of each other, but feel drawn to the other.

This story takes place at a school for teens with exceptional skills. The biggest downfall I had with this book was that I didn't feel there was enough focus on the "spy" type stuff. I felt like their time at the school should have been elaborated on a bit more. I wanted more hacker scenes, and maybe a few more missions. I also wanted to know what happens while Taylor goes home during break. We get an idea, but it's kind of glossed over.

That all sounds really negative. But the story between Taylor and Colt is what kept me turning the pages. Taylor doesn't have much experience in the love department, while Colt definitely has a bit much. I did appreciate how Colt tries to behave while around Taylor. He does care for her, even though he's a man whore. There were a few twists that I didn't see coming, but overall it was a fun read.