Daughter of Isis - Kelsey Ketch
I've been on a mythology kick lately it seems. I love that this book focuses on Isis and Set. I've read about Set before, but haven't read much that includes Isis in the story. Kelsey Ketch did a great job introducing these two deities.

Natara is a strong character. I love the she has a constant battle with herself in regards to Seth. She doesn't understand why the girls at her constantly throw themselves at him, but she can't deny that Seth is attractive. Natti also takes responsibility for her actions. She doesn't try to place blame, and does the right thing in bad situations. Seth is a total womanizer. He's always been perfectly happy with how he lives, until Natti moved to town. He begins to question everything he's been taught. He also isn't as shallow as we all believe him to be. He has his own struggles he has to face when it comes to his family.

Some parts are predictable, but all in all the story is enjoyable. Setemple is a strange town with strange traditions. As Natti's time increases she begins to have horrible gut feelings about events. It's all a little bizarre, but flows nicely with the story. I did like the look at the Egyptian themed events. Also, the followers of Set are pretty much creepy!

This is definitely up there on my series to continue, and after the ending of Daughter of Isis, I'm so ready to see what's going to happen next. There are quite a few sexual scenes. Just letting you know up front, but it ties in with the storyline of Set's followers.