Ignite - Erica Crouch
I love this spin on Angels. Most books featuring angels have a human involved that has to choose between an angel and a fallen angel. Ignite leaves it up to a girl who fell from Heaven.

I love the interactions between Pen and Michael. It's all so sweet and innocent. When he's around Pen wants to be a better person. Pen is a girl who doesn't know if she should have followed her brother. She doesn't take joy in the things she has to do for Hell. Pen also doesn't believe she can have any happiness or redemption. Michael isn't sure of who he is. He also doesn't realize the mess he's created by being back. He looks for good in people, and doesn't do anything without putting thought into it.

Like I said before, I love how this book shows the fate of Heaven and Hell balanced between a demon and angel. It didn't need the human influence. Ignite is also very much about redemption from the bad things that have been done. Can you be good, and love, if you have no heart, or soul. I also enjoyed the poetry spread throughout the book. Each verse was exactly where it needed to be for the events that take place.

I'm excited to see where Erica Crouch takes Pen and Michael after the way this book ended. I want more of these two characters, and to swee what's going to happen next.