Pendomus - Carissa Andrews
I really enjoyed Pendomus. It’s got a bit of sci-fi and fantasy balled up into one.

Runa is different. She knows this, but she doesn’t know why. She seems to find herself in a bit of trouble at the very beginning and is trying to figure out why these odd these are happening. Fenton is by far my favorite character. He’s hilarious, and not afraid to play matchmaker. Traeton is a sweet and dependable guy. He wants to do the right thing, but is scared to get close to anyone. Kani is mean. But she’s the one who will tell you how it is without all the sugarcoating.

I liked the uniqueness of Pendomus. In the Helix everything is sent to the eLink. There’s no need to talk out loud or anything like that. I found that so odd. When Runa is found she has to learn the most basic of things, things we learn as babies. The pacing is quick. There isn’t always conflict, but seeing Runa and Traeton grow throughout the novel is awesome. They learn to accept certain things, but still need to deal with other stuff. There is also tons of witty banter within the book.

I’m excited to see more from this series. I was left with so many questions at the end, and I hope to see them resolved as the books progress.