Sins of the Lost - Linda Poitevin
I am completely in love with Linda Poitevin’s story. Sins of the Lost grabs you and doesn’t let go!

Alex can’t seem to catch a break. Awful circumstances keep coming up. She’s just trying to figure out her new relationship with Seth. She thought she was done with Heaven’s plans, but they keep pulling her back in. How much more can Alex handle before she loses her grip on reality. I adore Amarael. He’s given up so much, and continues to do so without complaining about it, too much. I had a hard time with Seth in this book. I loved him in Sins of the Angels, but he’s gone through so much and it affects him as a person. His only care is Alex, nothing else.

Sins of the Lost has so many ups and downs. I love Alex’s wit and determination to save all of humanity. She never loses sight of what’s right. There are also bittersweet moments. And you’ll need the tissues! I cried at a few parts. I just can’t even explain. People in Heaven and Hell are trying to save themselves. Things unfold in the most impossible ways.