Sins of the Son - Linda Poitevin
Linda Poitevin has done it again. She has managed to bring us another amazing book in the The Grigori Legacy. Sins of the Son is way darker than Sins of the Angels. There are some pretty tough issues that are dealt with in this book.

Alex goes against all her instincts that tell her to leave the Heavenly battle alone. She needs to help Seth. She is way more guarded in this book than she is in the previous one. Alex can’t just tell people what’s going on because they’ll want to institutionalize her. She finds some unlikely allies on her quest to help Seth. There are a few other important characters, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

We see a lot more of Lucifer and the One in this book. We got glimpses of them in Sins of the Angels, but not nearly as much interaction as we get in Sins of the Son. As I said before, there are hard topics in this book. The biggest one being rape. Poitevin doesn’t get graphic with the details, but there are instances when it’s mentioned.

Poitevin takes us on another thrill ride! Who will get the upper hand… Heaven or Hell?