The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown was my first book to read by Holly Black. I’ll definitely be checking out her other books. Apparently I’m in a whimsical writing mood because that seems to be all I’ve been reading. While the story content is dark, I felt like the writing flowed very well, and it was poetic.

The characters are great. They all have a story. Some of them aren’t necessarily bad, but a few have a tortured past that seems to bring them to where they are now. Tana is strong. Some may say otherwise because of how she handles things. But it takes someone with guts to even consider entering a Coldtown. Aidan has selfishness behind a lot of his actions. He doesn’t know how to let things go, and thinks he has to do the most extreme things to be noticed. Gavriel is my favorite. He’s funny even when he seems kind of insane. He really wants to be better, or at least a better version of himself.

I love the concept of the Coldtowns having live feeds and being broadcast. Everyone loves reality TV. Well, most people do anyway. The relationships I think carry a lot of weight in this book. Each person has a way of dealing with obstacles. These decisions effect how loyal they remain to those around them. There are a couple of pretty intense scenes, with action, but mostly we focus on Tana, and how she will come out of this whole situation. And the ending!!! It was awesome. I loved it!