Fevered Souls Season 1 - S.K. Falls
Fevered Souls is a fast paced novel. I haven’t read any books that discuss demon society, but this one definitely does. And it’s not always pretty.

I think my favorite characters are James, Victorine, and Oscar. While Dax and Cara are the main characters, they felt a little bland. I’m not a huge fan of insta-love, and that may be one of the things that kept me from loving these characters. They seem to not be able to go on without the other. That’s just not healthy at all. Besides the little love thing, Cara is a strong woman. She wants to get back on her feet, and get her mom some help. She also doesn’t like being the victim. She takes in her own hands to learn how to defend herself. Dax is intense. I think that may be the best word to describe him. He’s incredibly sweet, but also insanely protective. James is a friend of Cara’s. He cares about her, and constantly worries about her relationship with Dax. Oscar is sweet and caring, while Victorine is bitter. But I like her, she doesn’t hide her feelings.

We get thrown into a world full of demons and hell hounds. The hell hounds are pretty creepy in this book. They aren’t like anything I’ve seen them to be in movies, or other books. There are also many types of demons, each one has certain gifts. They have an hierarchy of sorts, and clans. The society system is fascinating. (Spoken like a true sociologist) I want to learn more about each kind. Also, there is something that happened with Cara’s father that’s hinted at, and I hope we find out what it is. And the ending! Super cliffhanger, and I want to know what the crap is going on.

If you like insta-love, and the prospect of a new type of society, definitely pick this up. It’s a fast read, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.