Innocent Darkness - Suzanne Lazear
When I saw the cover I was like “Score, airships!” Then I read the blurb, and was like whaaaaa and the Fae! So of course I had to read it.

Noli’s character is great! She’s not your typical girl, especially during the Victorian era. She’s rather work on things, and go play around on a hover board, than fuss over sewing or anything societal ladies do. She’s very intelligent, and doesn’t let anyone get her down. She does seem to have some confusion when it comes to boys. She’s never had much experience around them, and freaks out with the feelings she’s beginning to get. I also love Charlotte. She’s had a tough life, but doesn’t let her affect her. Even when things seem to be dire, she stays positive. I think my favorite line from Charlotte is “I choose to be happy.” If only more people thought like her. Now on to our handsome young men. Steven, or V, is a sweetheart. He means well, and truly cares for Noli. I’m not a fan of him keeping secrets, but he did what he thought was best. Then there’s Kevighn… He’s your typical bad boy. He’s got ulterior motives, but he just puts off the sexy. And you know how I tend to fall for the bad ones. :P

The story line progresses pretty quickly. Noli’s time at Findlay House was the absolute hardest to get through. Not because it was slow, but from what she endure while there. Reading about that place gave me nightmares. I just have to say that I’m glad I didn’t live during that time period. There are so many aspects to the Otherworld. You never really know what to expect. Some fairytales we know are true, but somethings aren’t. Noli has to figure out how to get home, and save an entire civilization.

Great for those that like steampunk, or fairytales with a twist.