Losing Francesca - J.A. Huss
I really enjoyed this book. J.A. Huss knows how to make characters believable in extraordinary circumstances.

The characters are great. Francesca comes off as an awful person at the beginning of the book, but once she loosens up, she is actually pretty awesome. Can I just say that I absolutely love Brody! He’s persistent, but not in annoying way. He’s completely swoon-worthy. He actually talks to Francesca, and doesn’t try to tell her who she is, or isn’t. Sean is also a great character. He’s everything a brother-type should be. The Sullivan family is awesome. They deal with Francesca with kindness even when she’s being a major pain in the ass.

Losing Francesca is emotional, and pretty quick paced. Francesca is remembering things and isn’t sure what to do with that info. She just wants to be with her family. I also enjoy getting both her and Brody’s perspectives. We are able to see their issues with the situation. Both have their problems, but those are forgotten as they hang out.

If you are a fan of the New Adult genre, definitely give this book a try. I highly recommend it.