Avalon - Mindee Arnett
Avalon is compared to Firefly, but I've never seen it. I'll definitely be watching soon though.

Avalon starts off a bit slow. I felt like things could have been sped up a bit, but I can understand the slower pace. This futuristic world definitely needs some groundwork laid out for us so that we know what to expect. I think their government system is completely screwed up. Especially after to you learn about the devices that Hammer uses. I do like that there is more than just one planet. When I reached the half way point things started to really pick up. There's a lot of action, betrayal, and hard choices.

I didn't really care for the main character, Jeth. He was selfish, and doesn't act like he wants anything but his ship. I know he's had a hard life, but that doesn't excuse it. There were a few redeemable moments for Jeth in my eyes. He does love his crew even though he doesn't show it. I also love his relationship with his sister. He's very protective of her, and I totally get that. I'm still protective of my younger siblings. Like I said he gets much better in the second half, right with the intensity of the book. I did like the side characters. They were funny, and had their own fears.

I will read the next one because i need to know what happens next. Hopefully more craziness like the second half of the book.