Arrow of the Mist - Christina Mercer

Arrow of the Mist is a creepy fantasy. I would feel comfortable letting my 9 year old read this, and it’s great for all ages.

Lia is a strong female character. She isn’t like the other girls in her village, and doesn’t care about wearing dresses or getting married. She loves mixing herbs for the people in her village. She’s just an all out strong person. She doesn’t let anything deter her. Wynn, Lia’s cousin, is funny. He thinks about what could happen if they go down a certain path, but ultimately has Lia’s back. They are family, and mean so much to each other.

There’s trouble at every turn for these cousins. They seem to constantly run into a life threatening situation. I do love how fairytales are brought to life in this book. Everything is based on nature. I think that helps show the significance of how we treat the wilderness to the forefront.

I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a strong character that can be looked up to. It’s a quick read, and I hope to read more about Lia and Wynn in the future.