The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter
I wasn’t expecting to cry as much as I did in this book. There were so many emotional things that happen. I also know that a lot of my reaction to some of the circumstances could be because I have children.

Kate drove me bonkers in this final book. I just don’t understand why she refuses to ask for help. I mean, of course, try to take care of things for yourself. But if you can’t, you’ve got a great group of people behind you one hundred percent. Henry is definitely my fave as usual. He’s such a strong character, and doesn’t take things lightly. He tries to figure out the best decisions to make in order to make sure nobody is hurt, especially Kate.
This novel boils down to family. They should be behind you one hundred percent. Trust is also a big issue. Who should Kate trust, and why isn’t she trusting this person. Why is this person being so cruel. It’s a big game of who do you believe. Everyone seems to have their own agenda.
The Goddess Inheritance is fast paced. There is always some part of a plot that is being revealed. This was a great finale to a great trilogy. It pulls on the heart strings, and forces you to take a stand.