Talon - Julie Kagawa
I’m a big fan of Julie Kagaway. I absolutely loved her Blood of Eden series, and I was stoked when I found out she would be writing a dragon series. I absolutely love dragons, and I definitely enjoyed her take on them.

Ember is a naive girl, and even though she does things she probably shouldn’t she’s a very likeable character. Her brother kind of annoyed me. He’s supposed to be supportive of her and there are many times where he just looks the other way. There is a love triangle, but I think it works well. There’s Riley, the all around bad boy. He’s screams danger and is incredibly enticing. I also really liked Garrett. He seems to start learning to enjoy the mundane when he meets Ember.

There are awful instructors, battles, and feels (all kinds of those). I was never bored throughout the book. I liked learning new bits and pieces of the characters, and the Talon organization. They are pretty intense. All around, I enjoyed this book.
Now on to the narrators…

I loved all of the narrators in this book. I haven’t listened to anything with any of these narrators, but I definitely plan on adding their voices to my playlist. The transition was smooth, and I felt like they embodied the characters well. I think I’ve become an instant MacLeod Andrews fan. His voice is soothing to listen to.

I did like that the guys doing girls voices flowed well. They didn’t go all high pitch. They just changed their voices some. And the pitches of the supporting characters was pretty much the same all the way across. They each put the same inflections in the characters voices. I think the fact that the book was narrated by three different people of the each point of view is something that helped the story stay steady. I’m not sure how well it would have read with one person doing all the views. Each narrator also did a good job with expressing the emotions the character was feeling. It’s something that can be hard when listening, but they did a fantastic job.

There wasn’t any background noise, and you couldn’t hear breaths or certain letters pop. That is something I always love when it comes to audiobooks. Overall, I think the narrators did an amazing job, and they really pulled me into the story.