The Grown Ups: A Novel - Robin Antalek
This book reminds me of movies like Crazy, Stupid Love, and Adventureland. Not so much the story, but how it’s written.

I loved seeing Sam, Bella, and Suzie grow up. They are all intertwined since they lived in the same neighborhood and have been friends forever. Each character had their own flaws and circumstances that caused them to make the decisions they did. All three of them make some questionable choices, and try to figure out how they will live them. Bella was probably my favorite character. She seems to get the crap end of the deal no matter what she does.

This book will take you on an emotional ride. There are moments where you want to shake the characters, and others where you want to weep right along with them. There are also touch moments where you realize that friendship is so much more important than grudges, or heartache that happened in the past. This is a true coming of age story that will keep you reading.