A Sister to Honor - Lucy Ferriss

A Sister to Honor was such an emotional book for me to read. There are so many different items brought to attention that had to be difficult to describe and convey accurately.

The story Ferriss wove was as beautiful as it was heartbreaking at times. I could not imagine living in fear of those that I love most. It’s a hard concept to grasp because they way family ties are held in the Pashtun area are not ones that are seen in America. Ferriss did an amazing job of researching the culture before she wrote this. I learned a lot about the culture, and it’s definitely eye-opening.

I’m trying to keep from spoiling the story because it is a definite must read. I appreciate how she shows the different ways Americans and the Pashtuns hold honor. And how she told the story of a brother and sister trying to come to terms with love, honor, and deciding if you should have to live the life that is expected of you.

Such a great book! Just be warned that there are times you will want to rage, as well as times where you want to break down and hold the characters and ensure that everything will be okay. Words cannot do this book justice.