The Life Intended - Kristin Harmel
The Life Intended is a book that I had a feeling would bring out all the emotions, and it did. This book is above and beyond what I expected.

Kate is a character that wants to move forward but is terrified of forgetting her late husband. She feels guilty trying to be happy in life when her husband’s life was taken at such a young age. She pretty much goes through the motions, and lets other people kind of make her decisions for her. I’m not a big fan of her fiance. He has some really douchey moments. But I love that throughout this book Kate grows. She makes mistakes, and seems a little crazy sometimes when she starts having dreams about her late husband, Patrick, and the life they could have had together. She obsesses over it, but I think it’s vital in her learning to live again.

There were so many moments when my heart broke for Kate. There are moments when those that are supposed to support her most give her the most grief over her choices. She learns so much about herself through the dreams she has, and I applaud her for sticking to her own happiness. There are so many people in the journey she takes that help her become the woman she is meant to be.

Harmel’s writing is beautiful. You get swept away in her words, and find it hard to come back to reality while reading. I will definitely be reading more from this author, and this book is definitely among my top reads of the year.