Unteachable - Leah Raeder


Oh Maise and Mr. Wilke.  Y'all took me on a rollercoaster of a ride.

I admire Maise in so many ways.  She has been dealt a crappy life, and does what she can to take care of herself.  I don't agree with everything she does, but she's pretty strong.  Maise has a habit of keeping people away, and I don't really blame her for that.  If you let people in, you get hurt.  I really liked Evan.  He isn't all about the physical, although, don't get me wrong, there's a lot of hanky panky going on.  He wants to get to know Maise.

I love the connection between Maise and Evan.  You can feel it jumping out of the pages.  They have a complicated relationship what with all the student/teacher thing.  But they also have their own insecurities to deal with.  Maise and Evan also have to try to keep their interest a secret, but that's nearly impossible.

Leah Raeder did an amazing job writing about such a tabboo topic.  Unteachable had me hooked from the beginning.