Once Upon a Dream - Kate Perry



I enjoyed reading Once Upon a Dream.  It was fun, steamy, and supportive.

I love that Summer believes in fairytales.  She knows that her prince is out there somewhere.  I admire her for going after what she wants.  She doesn't let rumors deter her, and just wants to be happy.  I think the thing I loved about this book was how supportive the family is.  Even though Summer has this crazy idea of a perfect man they help her try to snag him.  The bond between the sisters is comforting.

I loved the conversations between Jon and Summer.  They were witty, and hilarious at times.  Jon also knew what to do to make Summer flustered.  She's used to being put together and unnoticeable.  We also get to see Jacqueline's story. She's the Countess of Amberlin, and looking for her place in the world.  She's wants to be a writer, and looks to an old friend for help.  That friend isn't as nice to her as she hoped he would be, though.

I liked that we get two stories and this, and see a truly remarkable family dynamic.