Jackaby - William Ritter


Jackaby is fun and mysterious. We have a quirky detective and a young assistant that just wants to be seen for who she is.
I instantly fell in love with Jackaby. He very much reminds me of the 10th Doctor. He sees things that others cannot, and doesn't let how other people see him get in the way of solving a crime. Abigail Rook is our narrator. She wants to be seen as more than just a girl. She knows that she can be an amazing assistant and is grateful that Jackaby has given her that chance. Abigail takes the world Jackaby introduces her to in stride. She wants to help people, and knows that Jackaby is one that can do that. There are also a few side characters that are pretty amazing. Each person adds to the story, and brings different levels of paranormal to it.
I loved the mystery. It was somewhat predictable, but the ride to get to the answers more than made up for that. I liked getting to know the town of New Fiddleham, even though some of the residents are pretty rude. I liked the dislike/need relationship that Jackaby has with the police. There were a few humorous confrontations between the two. There isn't much romance, but I loved that about this novel. I think if there was, it wouldn't have hooked me as much as it did.
Jackaby is a quick read that you won't want to put down. I was up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it.


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