Uriel's Fall - Loralie Hall



Uriel's Fall is a unique Angel/Demon story. It kept me engaged, and wanting to know what the mess was going on.

Ronnie is a unique character, and doesn't remember anything past a couple of months. She is bound and determined to figure out why she is hearing a voice, and why she doesn't have any memories. There are also two angels who are trying to figure out her voice. One she can trust, and the other she can't. She's just not sure why nobody will give her a straight answer.

There are clues along the way, and each new piece adds to the whole picture. The banter between Ronnie and the voice is pretty funny at times. I also liked how she's a take charge kind of gal. She tries to find the answers herself, and has to put a lot of will into pushing out the voice in order to do it.

I'm interested in seeing where this story goes, and what will happen next.