Etched on Me - Jenn Crowell

Etched on Me is dark, gritty, and emotional. It had me completely crushed, and rooting, for the Lesley throughout the entire book.

Lesley has to overcome so many things in her past. The events that she went through are terrible. I think this character is incredibly strong because she is still mostly present. Lesley goes through ups and downs as she figures out what she needs to do to make sure she will be able to keep her daughter.

Etched on Me starts off little slow, but you get caught up in the whirlwind that has become her life. I love the importance put on family, even if they aren’t your blood relatives. Lesley has an amazing support system, and I wish more teens that deal with the same hardships had that. I also liked getting to see her stays in the different facilities. Each one had their own way of teaching how to handle the things that went wrong in Lesley’s life. Something can be learned in each facility.

If you are ready for an emotional rollercoaster, this book is for you. Get ready to cry, laugh, and want to fight for Lesley.