Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) - Linda Poitevin
Sins of the Angels has everything you want in a book about mortals and angels. Linda Poitevin does a fantastic job of blending Heaven and Hell with the mortal realm.

Alex is a complex character. She does everything she can to save people, but doesn’t take into account that she needs to let others help her also. Alex doesn’t let anyone tell her she’s not capable of doing something. She also proves to be a lot braver than most of her colleagues. Aramael drove me nuts! Sometimes I loved him, and others I wanted to strangle him. I do however love Seth. He’s quite the smart ass.

The action is nonstop. There’s trouble lurking around every corner with the serial killer on the loose. We know from the beginning who is behind the murders to an extent. It’s great seeing things unfold with the game of cat and mouse. Makes things interesting. I also love the multiple perspectives we get. There’s always a different way each person sees things happening.

If you are a fan of angels and urban fantasy, definitely try this series out. Sins of the Angels is one of the best angel books I’ve read.