Snake in the Grass: 2 (Good Gods) - Staci Hart
Staci Hart has a magnificent way of showing love in all of its forms. She also has a unique way of bringing difficult issues, such as abuse, to light. Snake in the Grass is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Kat is a tough character. She’s never felt the need to be coddled. This could be because she’s an older child, but she has always shown a level of leadership. Kat is rough around the edges, and finds it hard to let others in. I liked seeing her grow throughout the book. She accepts that she has faults and wants to improve herself. Dillon is another hardcore character. He’s a fighter, and thinks that is the only way he can deal with his anger issues. He fears becoming a monster, and doesn’t think he is worthy of a relationship. Ares and Aphrodite also have a lot to learn about themselves. Dita knows that Ares is bad for her, but she can’t resist him. Through the events of the competition she learns a lot about the past. Dita just wants answers to questions that have plagued her for eons.

I love how the scenes go back and forth between multiple perspectives. We are able to see what’s going on with each character. There are moments that you are clenching your teeth because you just can’t believe what the characters are doing to each other, and themselves. Then we have the times where we are trying to hold our tears in because of the injustices done. Dita’s quest for the truth is the most heartbreaking. She knows deep down that something isn’t right, but doesn’t really want to believe it.

Snake in the Grass is a book that will have you going through all the feels. Make sure to have tissues handy because the ending is brutal. I could not stop crying!