Dirty Blood - Heather Hildenbrand

Dirty Blood brings a new look to werewolves.  I like the whole premise of how they came about and the dynamics between Weres and the Hunters.  It’s a nice change from the usual vampire/hunter scenario.

Tara is very headstrong and independent.  She tries to take on this new world that has opened up to her with fierce determination.  She isn’t a fan of being pushed around, or having things kept from her.  She pushes until she gets the information she needs.  Wes is kind of a pain sometimes.  I know he just wants to protect the best way he knows how.  But he has to realize that Tara is perfectly capable of taking care of herself…. most of the time.

There is a ton of action, and tension.  I like seeing the fight scenes because they are fast and you wonder what’s going to happen next.  There were a few things that totally threw me off after I had a feel on how the story was going to go.  I like when that happens.  It keeps me on my toes.  Most of the tension is between Tara and Wes.  They don’t know what to do about their feelings for each other.  On top of everything that Tara is discovering she also has to deal with normal stuff like dealing with her school enemy and a guy that doesn’t know when to give up.

Overall I enjoyed the story, and will definitely be reading on to see where this all ends.

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