The Secrets of Attraction - Robin Constantine

Secrets of Attraction is the perfect book to gear you up for summer.  There's music, coffee, cute boys, and amazing friends.  What more could a reader ask for while waiting for beach weather???

I loved Madison.  She's so sure of herself and has a confidence most teen girls don't have.  She does have a tendency to keep guys at a distance.  She sees everything as having fun, and doesn't want to get hurt.  She's just an all around fun character, and learns a lot about herself through the progression of the book.  Jesse is adorable.  He's recovering from a break up that ripped him apart.  He still clings to the past and doesn't want to move forward until he notices the "Thursday girls" who stop by the coffee shop he works at every week.  Being around Madison helps him heal, and makes him want to make music again.

While I loved the romance in this book, I couldn't have asked for a better book that also features friendship.  Madison and Jesse both have a set of friends that would do anything for them, and want what is best for them.  Tanner is probably my favorite side character.  He isn't afraid to call Jesse on his b.s.  I also liked the relationship both characters have with their parents.  Even though Madison has to go through some things in her family life, her mom is always there for her.

I've never been to a battle of the bands, but this definitely pulled me into those scenes.  I adored this book, and hoping we get something on Jazz, Madison & Wren's friend.