Screwdrivered  - Alice Clayton
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This installment is probably my favorite in the series.  Viv is Simon's friend from when they were kids.  She gets a call one night informing her that she's inherited a house in California.  Of course she must go on an adventure and see to the place herself.

I adore Viv! She has a tendency to start daydreaming about her starring in her own romance novel.  And she's usually picturing super hot Cowboy Hank, who tends to the animals on the farm area of the house she inherited.  But the house is in horrible shape, and she wants to fix it up.  Well.... there could be a problem with that.  Since it's part of the historical district, she has to consult Clark, the town librarian, on any changes she wishes to make.  These two are almost always fighting.  I loved seeing them go back and forth at each other, especially when they started warming up to each other.  Cowboy Hank only seems to show interest in Viv when she's around Clark.

I also love that Viv finds new friends in the area.  Ones that will call her on her crap when need be.  And drunk Viv is hilarious Viv.

So, who will Viv go after? Cowboy Hank or Bookish Clark???? You'll have to find out!

I think I laughed more in this book than any other book I've ever read.