Rusty Nailed - Alice Clayton
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Quickie Review

I love these two.  Simon and Caroline are hilarious together.  But they can also sometimes get on each others' nerves.  I love seeing the ups and downs in a relationship after finding the one you're supposed to be with.  It makes the characters and events in the book so much more real.  We can connect to the story better.

Simon and Caroline go from living in separate places to house sitting for their friends as they take a really long honeymoon vacation.  Things seem great, but being around each other non-stop definitely makes things interesting.  Add in the fact that Caroline has so much more responsibility and their love life gets stressful.  There are also some things going on with their friends, and they seem to always be put in the middle.  Some of the antics are pretty hysterical.

And you can't forget Clive.  He's the cat that knows how to get his way.  And might run into some trouble of his own.

It's a great follow up to the first book and will have you laughing for hours.