Mai Tai'd Up - Alice Clayton
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Quickie Review

This one was probably my least favorite in the series.  But mostly because of the omission of certain things.  The romance was just as great as the previous books.

Chloe ran out on on her fiance on their wedding day.  She has this niggling feeling that it's not right, and I like to say that you always trust your gut.  She didn't seem happy with him anyway.  Her dad tells her to stay at their family vacation home, and she decides to see about working with a pitbull rescue organization.  This is when she meets Lucas... Lucas has had his heart broken, and doesn't want the same thing to happen when it comes to Chloe.  His ex wrecked him, and it's totally understandable.

What I loved most about this book is the focus on rescuing pitbulls.  My fur baby is a pit, and they have such a bad reputation.  But they can be the sweetest dogs ever.  I loved what the characters in this book were doing for those poor puppies that were raised to fight, or used as bait dogs.  It breaks my heart that any dogs go through this.  I definitely think Clayton brought some awareness to this subject, and I'm grateful for it.