Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2) - Kevin Hearne
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Quickie Review

After the struggles faced in Hounded, Atticus finds himself in more trouble.  He can't seem to win for losing.  Atticus finds himself stuck between two goddesses, and has to figure out what is killing people in the area.  Not only are there crazy witches with a score to settle, but there are also demons roaming around.

I love the humor in these books.  Even when it looks like the shit is about to hit the fan, Atticus manages to find the bright side. Or at least make things a little more enjoyable.  He's a complete smart ass unless he's face to face with someone who could kill him.  We also get to meet Coyote, who is the local god of mischief.

After the way this book ended, I can't wait to see what happens next.  This is definitely a series I can get behind.