Flat-Out Love  - Jessica Park
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Quickie Review

While listening to this book, it reminded me a lot of the movie Running with Scissors.  The Watkins are really quirky, and unconventional.  They are hiding something but Julie can't figure it out.


There are some hilarious moments.  The status updates would have me giggling, and the way Julie responds to situations are funny at times.  She takes it all in, and just goes with the flow.


I kind of figured out what was going on by the middle of the book, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.  I loved seeing how Julie's presence help this family.  Things needed to be said and actions needed to be taken in order for the Watkins to become a family again.


There are ups and downs, broken hearts, and tragic situations.  Overall, there is growth and coming to terms with things that have happened.