Burning Midnight - Will McIntosh
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I really enjoyed the world that Burning Midnight brought out.  It's still pretty much set in our world, but with a few things extra. Namely colored spheres that provide those that burn them enhanced abilities.

There's action, and constantly trying to find the rarest of spheres in order to help both Sully and Hunter's living situation.  Both have things that they are going through and want to better their circumstances.  While there is some romance, the book focuses a lot on friendships.  And I love that aspect of it.  You don't know who you can trust, and you can't.  The search takes this group of kids through some pretty dangerous circumstances.

I liked the elements of the story, and the story itself.  I can't say much because it would be a spoiler.  But there is action, adventure, and mystery.  Nobody knows where the spheres come from or why they enhance abilities. But the journey to finding out is intense at times.

If you like science fiction, or mysteries, this is definitely a book to pick up. Sorry I can't be more specific, but ya know, spoilers.