More Than Forever - Jay McLean
This review was originally posted on Bookish Things & MoreI think this is the book I connected with most. I absolutely love Lucy and Cameron. I loved seeing them as teenagers, and how they grew up. It’s not always that you know at that age, and it’s heartwarming how much Cam has always been there for Lucy.

They definitely have their struggles, and drunk Lucy is freaking hilarious. I connected mostly because I’ve gone through some of the same things as Lucy. And I think if I had this book 8 years ago, I would have come to terms with the situation so much easier.

And as usual, the friends in this tight-knit group are amazing. I love their devotion to each other, and when once is hurting they are all hurting. And there were so many times when the ugly cry came out because I really felt for them. McLean has a way of bringing out all the emotions. One minute you’re crying, and the next you’re laughing eleventy three times.

#TeamLuca forever!!!!