Signs Point to Yes - Sandy   Hall
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“I know you’re not going to understand this, but I’m really going to miss him.”
Jane looked over at Teo, shocked. “Of course I get it. My best friends are off at sleepaway band camp for the summer, where there’s no cell service and the Wi-Fi signal is on serious lockdown, while I spend my days regretting that I quit playing the glockenspiel in fifth grade.”
“So you do get it,” Teo said.
“At least we have each other,” Jane said, taking a calculated risk.
It paid off when Teo smiled so broadly his dimple made an appearance.
Jane sat on her hands so she wouldn’t push her finger into it—that was how adorable his dimple was. She could barely resist the urge to touch it.
“So did you save me any cookies?” Teo asked, gesturing to the empty plate in front of her.
“No,” Jane said seriously. “But I did hear that your mom made you a plate of leftovers and put it in the fridge.”
“My fridge?”
“That’s the rumor.”
“Want to come watch me eat?”
“Only if I can bring more cookies.”
“What about brownies?” Teo asked, looking over at the dessert table. “Or maybe that apple pie no one has even touched yet.”
“It’s hard to say no to pie,” Jane said.
They stood up and walked over to take the pie.
“Wait,” Teo said, grabbing Jane’s arm. “Is there ice cream available for the pie?”
“I don’t think so. Ice cream doesn’t really go with this amount of heat,” Jane said.
“Ah, take the pie anyway. I think we have ice cream at my house.”
Jane grabbed the pie, and Teo walked in front of her like a bodyguard until they were around the corner and safely inside his house.
He held up his hand to high-five Jane, but she got so flustered she fist-bumped it.
“That’s an interesting option.” Teo looked at his hand where Jane had basically just punched him.
“I hate myself sometimes,” she said.
“Do over?” Teo offered.
“Do over.” Jane held up her hand, and this time Teo fist-bumped her palm.
“Thanks for that,” she said.
He winked dramatically and then went to rummage in the fridge.






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