Paper Thin - Jennifer Snyder
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Paper Thin deals not only with romantic feelings toward someone you shouldn't, but facing life head on after tragedy.

I liked Charlotte.  Her reasoning for some things is questionable to me sometimes, but she felt very real.  She struggled with emotions that I think most people do at some point in their lives.  She tries her hardest to tamp down those feelings and be happy for her sister.  Charlotte begins to know tragedy better than she'd like and has to adjust to everything that is going on.  I know I'm being vague, but I don't want to spoil anything.

One of my favorite elements about this book is that while Charlotte has to figure out her romantic emotions, there is a strong focus on her relationship with her sister, Emma.  There are a lot of changes that force them to be closer together more than they had, and Charlotte has to to face a few things when it comes to her sister.

Another thing that's important is that just because you aren't the one directly involved, that doesn't mean the strain of taking care of things doesn't take a toll on you. You are allowed to feel, and have, not really bad feelings, but frustration.

Paper Thin is a quick read and one I think many will enjoy.


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