Take This Regret  - A.L. Jackson
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This book left me feeling just okay.  I didn't love or hate it, just have lukewarm feelings about it.


I did like that Elizabeth is so determined to raise her daughter.  She does a pretty damn good job too!  I had love/hate feelings toward Christian.  At the beginning he is awful.  He acts like a first class douche.  But then he pretty much insists that he has to be in their daughter's life.


Most of the book is Elizabeth and Christian fighting their feelings for each other.  Elizabeth doesn't think she can trust him, and Christian wants nothing more than to be in her life.  I loved the honesty in their emotions.  You feel everything they are.  And there are so many times where there were tears streaming down my face.

The only reason it was an okay read was because it felt like it was too much of the same thing constantly.  Otherwise it was a terrific read.  And it points out some things that actually happen in life.  I'm a big fan of A.L. Jackson, and her books always bring things into perspective.