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Thoughts on Falling for June

This is probably one of the best love stories I've read.  There is definitely romance, but there are other types of love shown in this book as well.

I couldn't help but fall for Mr. Hadley and June's love story.  It's almost magical in the way they met and how they fell in love with each other.  It's a great, once in a lifetime love.  A love that I think everyone deserves.  And I really enjoyed that we don't really see it first hand.  We see their emotions grow through Hadley's storytelling with Elliot.

Elliot is a character that doesn't believe in love.  Well, that's what he claims, but everyone has a soft spot for an epic love story.  He learns a lot about himself through his time spent with Mr. Hadley.  He finds himself wanting to spend more time with Mr. Hadley in order to hear more of the story. Elliot hasn't been on the receiving end of much love in his life, and his dad told him it would bite him in the ass if he fell in love.  That advice has kept him guarded his entire life.

Falling for June is a love story, finding yourself story, and emotional at times.  While it had it's slow moments, I enjoyed the writing and the story it puts in our hearts.

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