Tonight the Streets Are Ours - Leila Sales
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Thoughts on Tonight the Streets Are Ours

As much as I wanted to love this book, I just didn't.  I absolutely loved This Song Will Save Your Life, and was hoping for the same amount of amazing.

The number one thing was the characters.  I didn't care for Arden or Lindsey.  Arden took being responsible to the extreme, and Lindsey just didn't care for other people's feelings.  They both pretty much used each other to validate how they viewed themselves.  This is evident but the first scene in the book.  There's no way in hell I would take the fall for a friend in that situation. I don't care if we were like sisters.

I also didn't care for the stalking type behavior that Arden.  It's weird, and the whole finding Peter thing was odd too.  It might be because I'm much older that I couldn't connect, but it's just not something I would have considered doing.

Even though those two things didn't pull me in, I did like the overall sense of the story.  I've always been a fan of Sales's way with words, and it's no exception with this one.  She writes beautifully.  And the story is always much more than it seems when you start it.  That is the reason I will continue to read her work.