Summer Dreaming - Liz Matis
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I adored Kelsey and Sean.  They are both fun and have their own reasons as to why this thing they have going on has to be just a fling.  Kelsey is smart, funny, and doesn't exactly know what she wants to do with her life.  After losing her father she's adrift. She does everything she can to keep from falling for Sean, but it's hard to do when he's as sweet and caring as he is.  Sean is set to follow in the family tradition after his last summer of being a lifeguard.  But all that could change when he meets Kelsey.  He's immediately attracted to her, but feels like she could be more than just a summer conquest.



Leigh and Nick are both intense characters.  Leigh is going through some things that she hasn't told anyone.  SHe's worried about how things are going to change. Nick is in the process of looking for another job, and trying to take care of his grandfather after the loss of his grandmother.  Nick and Leigh's first meeting is pretty disastrous.  Even with everything going on, they manage to keeps things light for the most part.  They both have their own problems but get lost in each other.



Things really start to sizzle with Storme and Holden.  They are both a force to be reckoned with.  Storme thinks Holden is a beach bum, and he doesn't let her think any different.  Holden thinks Storme is a snobby rich girl.  Oh the sparks when these two are in the same area are amazing.  They want to yell at each other almost as much as they want to make out. I love these two, and they definitely create some heat! Storme has a lot to figure out about herself, and luckily Holden wants to push her to make her own decisions.  So much freaking chemistry!


This is the perfect series to wind down on the last days of summer.  They are snarky, sweet, fun, intense, and just all around great beach reads!




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