Damage Done - Amanda Panitch
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Quickie Review

This is going to be a quickie review because even a week later I'm still having trouble putting my thoughts into words.

Damage Done is a book that gripped me from the beginning, and was a total mind "F" for me.  Even though parts of it were predictable, it still totally blew me away.

Lucy/Julia is a character that will have you wanting to dig down into what she's up to.  She forms relationships in her new town carefully.  She doesn't want people she starts to care for to be hurt.  Her brother is pretty much nuts.  And her friends are devoted to her.  They stick with her through some questionable situations, and don't want her to get herself hurt.  They are completely loyal to her, and I think that is what made me love them so much.

Also her parents are ridiculous.  They pretty much shut down after the events in the beginning of the book.  There's so much that I want to say, but can't because it would be full of spoilers.  I will say that this book is such a different type in the YA genre, and I appreciate it for that.  The only reason it's a 4 star instead of 5 is because I figured most of it out pretty early on.