Drunk on You - Teri Anne Stanley
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I had so much fun reading Drunk on You.  It's a perfect read to wrap up the summer with a drink in your hand.

Allie and Justin are hilarious together.  It's hard trying to confine in your feelings when you've been in love with your brother's best friend for years.  And Allie finds her old crush coming back to life when Justin comes home from being in the military.  Justin is surly, and definitely confused.  He's attracted to Allie, but terrified it will resurrect his best friend's ghost if he makes a move on it.  Somewhere along the line he gets his head out of his ass.

The adventure these two go on is fun.  Being cramped up in a camper to a liquor festival is bound to have it's moments.  And boy, do they have them.  Between all the innuendo, crazy lies they try to tell themselves, and sexual tension it makes for an interesting journey.  I absolutely loved the banter between Justin and Allie.  They give as good as they get, and there are times when they shock the other.

I love, love, love these characters, and the storyline.  So much greatness, and just no words.  Definitely pick this one up if you're looking for a book full of fun characters and hilarious moments. Seriously, there's this one scene where I literally laughed out loud at Allie's panicky moment.