Lick  - Kylie Scott
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Thoughts on Lick

I love books that start out with unknowingly getting hitched in Vegas.  You have the option of sticking it out, or running like hell.

I love Evelyn.  She's always been a straight and narrow type of gal, but her birthday getaway proves that she can live on the wild side.  She just didn't expect to get married during her drunken night.  David is so much more than just a member of Stage Dive.  He has feelings and they definitely get hurt when Evelyn wakes up horrified by the ring on her finger.

The banter between these two is hilarious.  They are both witty and sarcastic, two of my favorite things.  There is drama, naturally.  What is a good love story without a little crazy thrown into the mix.  Both make mistakes and have to deal with them.  I wasn't a fan of Evelyn's parents, and I cringed anytime they were present.  I also adored Mal in this book.  He's the funny guy in the group that's for sure.

The only thing that grated a little bit was the instalove.  But it sort of works with this whirlwind of a couple.

This is definitely a hot rocker series you need to add your piles.