All Lined Up - Cora Carmack
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Oh Dallas and Carson... You completely stole my heart.  Seriously! I love everything about this book.  It's sweet, fun, and a bit dramatic at times.  It's everything you need for a fast summer read.

Dallas doesn't have much luck when it comes to football players, especially when her dad is the coach.  They tend to only want to date her for that reason alone.  Carson is attending Rusk on a scholarship, and the only way he'll get to stay is if he makes a main spot on the football team.

Both characters are hard working, and don't give up on their goals.  But things get tricky when it comes to dating the coach's daughter.

Serious love for this book!





Silas, I knew you were going to be trouble from the moment you appeared.

Dylan and Silas are polar opposites in every way.  Silas doesn't think much of himself, and feels like that point is proven every time someone puts him down.  Dylan always does what is expected of her, and doesn't live her life for herself.

Both of them learn from each other, and have some pretty steamy scenes in true Silas fashion.  A must read!!!




I really loved Torres and Nell.

Torres is a fun guy.  He's known for being goofy pretty much all the time, playing jokes, and is all around the comedian of the group.  Nell is quiet, reserved, and has never really let herself do anything beyond schoolwork.

But when they meet, holy hell, are there sparks.  I loved Nell's college experience list.  Some of them are hilarious.  And beware all mixed drinks that you try to come up with yourself!

Fun, cute, and definitely hot!


I loved all of these books.  There are definitely perfect to get geared up for the upcoming football season.  It really gets you in the mood for it!!