Searching for Always - Jennifer Probst
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I have so much love for these books.  They are fun, sexy, and have just the right amount of drama.

When I read Searching for Beautiful I knew sparks were going to fly with Arilyn and Officer Petty.  I'm so glad they have their own story.  This is a true enemies to lovers story, and the ride is amazing.

Arilyn and Stone cannot stand each other.  They take every opportunity to make jabs at each other and have an easy time showing their dislike.  But what happens when you see the softer side??? Slowly they start respecting the other, and things escalate.  I love the way Petty teases Arilyn.  He brings out the worst, or maybe the best in her.  He challenges her, and calls her on her bullshit.  I like that he's abrasive, and can sometimes be a jerk.  But that's just who he is.  And Arilyn doesn't just sit there and take his crap. She calls him on plenty of his own excuses, and reasoning.

I think my favorite scenes are when Petty is with Pinky, a dog he's fostering for a couple of weeks.  She's this tiny little Chihuahua all dolled up in pink, and he's this big burly guy taking her everywhere he goes.  It's absolutely adorable.  And I love that Arilyn begins to open up to her friends.  She's always been so closed off, and she goes to them for advice on what to do.

There are appearances from her circle of friends, and the evil witch next door to Arilyn, who just may have a softer side.  I loved the ups and downs, the sexual tension, and just everything about this book.  It's a perfect read for a day at the beach.




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