Becoming Rain - K.A. Tucker
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Oh Luke, I remember how much I disliked you in Burying Water, but you redeemed yourself in this book.

I absolutely love this series, and getting a peek into the lives of this group of people.  Luke was definitely a pain in the ass in the previous book, but I find that I like him much more after reading this book.  He finally gets his wish and his uncle pulls him into his business.  Though it's along the lines of what he thought, he's not sure how to deal with this new responsibility.  He also isn't sure why he's suddenly having feelings for a woman.  He never lets himself get complicated with the ladies, but this one is different.  I liked seeing the lighter, less cocky side of Luke.  He's actually pretty funny when he's not being an arrogant jackass.

Claire is handed the opportunity that can boost her career and she goes on this assignment thinking she won't get pulled under by the oh so charming Luke.  She's determined to close down this car theft ring and earn her way into the FBI.  I love how naive she is at the beginning, and then how she falters with her assignment and her feelings.  She knows what she has to do, and at the same time doesn't want to bring this sweet, kind man down.  She doesn't think he's capable of some of the horrible things that have been committed during these thefts.

The premise of the book was exciting.  You didn't know who to trust, and when things were revealed you were led in different directions.  There's one character in particular that I would love to get more information on.  I also loved the romance angle on this, even though my heart broke at times for both characters.